From March 5th 2013 Twitter are removing there current API and it will be fully replaced with the new API version 1.1. Rate limits in version 1.1 of the API are divided into 15 minute intervals, which is a change from the 60 minute blocks in version 1.0. Followorks:API provides real-time information of Twitter API Rate Limiting on Followorks, Followorks HD, Followorks Lite and Followorks OneTouch.


✔ Display Realtime Information of Twitter API Rate Limiting.
✔ View Reset time of APIs.
✔ View Development Pages of All APIs.
✔ Auto-Refresh When Reset Time Comes.
✔ Support for Adding Multiple Accounts.
✔ Support for Twitter API version 1.1
✔ Simple and clean interface.
✔ Looks Great on the new iPhone 5.