Followorks OneTouch

“Just touch one time, It will manage all your followers for you automatically”
– Followorks OneTouch –


– Automatic follow and unfollow
– Automatic sending of greeting messages to your followers after unfollowing or refollowing
– Automatic follow rate for your twitter profile
– Compose your own tweet message and reply message

– Support multiple twitter accounts
– Support filtering by refollow probability index
– Set up a refollow to the target rate



Successful in keeping up with unfollowers – ★★★★★

Adequate system for managing twitter followers/ unfollowers.

Very satisfied with this app for iPhone. Have had it for about 2 years and no issues whatsoever. Easy to understand& read. No switching back & forth to view & unfollow, etc. can all be done from the same place.

100% satisfied for iPhone. I am about to try for iPad. Will review it later..

Mena MurrayFolloworks

I have been using Followorks on my twitter account for almost 3 years now! It is a must have app for all !!

‎Patty Rider-WrightFolloworks