LOOKEY – Keyword Based Video Search App

LOOKEY is a video search application that helps you search videos from the world of internet in a single tap. You can search videos by built-in sections like News, Autos, Entertainment, Food, Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Tech, Sports and so on; Or you can add your own keywords. The results are displayed like a deck of playing cards, which are easy to read and fun to scroll through. Videos can easily be shared on social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) and email. LOOKEY also provides various advanced search options to make your search easy, quick and accurate

Just released : our brand new iOS game, “10 Digits”

A friend of mine, who was sitting next to me heard the sound of keypad dialing and recognize the number I have dialed. Although, he hasn’t seen the buttons I pressed on the keypad still he knows the exact number which was really surprising and shocking for me.
The reason behind his magic was that he can easily recognize the dialing tones. This is an idea behind our latest app which empowers you to recognize the numbers of the dial-pad just by listening to their respective key tones.