Followorks 2.3.0

Followorks 2.3.0 – Added animation effect for Account icon. – Added default and random option for account icon animation. – Added motion effect feature. – Improved share options for refollowing rate and unfollowing rate : now you can share your screenshot of followorks through AirDrop, Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook and also save it to camera…

Followorks Lite for iPad

We’ve just released a Lite version of Followorks for iPad.

Lite version have some restrictions and limitations as follows:

1. It offers all features of paid version of Followorks but there’s a time limit for following/unfollowing every 3 hours.
2. Support Single twitter account Only.

Please refer to the link below for more information.

Followorks HD 1.9.0

Followorks HD 1.9.0 ✔ Fixed an issue that time and battery icon on status bar didn’t change at all. ✔ Fixed a bug that base modal view change to full screen after rotation. ✔ Fixed tweetview issue with iOS 6. ✔ Tons of bug fixes and performance enhancements For more information please check the link…

Followorks HD 1.6.0

Followorks 1.6.0 ✔ Auto-Reply : Reply to your follower after refollowing automatically. ✔ Create Your Own Tweet Message : Success probability of refollow / Refollow probability / Refollow probability index ✔ Trash : Now you can hide specific user on follow/unfollow works view. ✔ Sending New Tweet and Mention. ✔ Checking Timeline of Default account…

Followorks HD

Follow and unfollow from your iPad at your finger tip, any time, any place. Now you can easily follow back your followers and unfollow people that did not follow you back. Followorks is a new application that easily allows you to follow and unfollow people by searching users that followed you or unfollowed you. It…