Magic – ★★★★★

Powerful, fun and super easy to use!! Congrats and keep up the great work


Really good! – ★★★★★

This app is great in that it has a shadow that you can see where you took your last photo and there is sound too! It is really great as I can post my vids on YouTube! And unlike other apps, this app doesn’t crash as much as my other apps do.


신기해서 받아 봤는데

앱 구성이 좋아서… 프리미엄 팩까지 결제했습니다.
좋은 앱이라 생각하구요 사진이 신기하게 찍히고 선으로만 나오니까
그림 연습할 때 편할 것 같습니다


Successful in keeping up with unfollowers – ★★★★★

Adequate system for managing twitter followers/ unfollowers.

Very satisfied with this app for iPhone. Have had it for about 2 years and no issues whatsoever. Easy to understand& read. No switching back & forth to view & unfollow, etc. can all be done from the same place.

100% satisfied for iPhone. I am about to try for iPad. Will review it later..

Mena Murray팔로웍스

I have been using Followorks on my twitter account for almost 3 years now! It is a must have app for all !!

Patty Rider-WrightFolloworks



Works like a charm, must have – ★★★★★

Very easy to use, great and fast interface. This is a must have for those who want to dump freeloaders on twitter. Finally I can see who’s following vs not and delete with ease.


Great app – ★★★★★

Easy to understand


Awesome!! – ★★★★★

Works great once you understand it!!


Muito bom – ★★★★★


Francisco de Assis Freitas팔로웍스

Awesome! – ★★★★★

Does exactly what I need it to do

dean fraser-phillips팔로웍스

Best app ever – ★★★★★

I have had this app for a few months now and can’t imagine managing my twitter account with out!

One zippy 2010팔로웍스

Great – ★★★★★

Thanks for fixing!

Garret Ware팔로웍스

I was waiting for this app for so long – ★★★★★

Finally, seems its unique in its own way


꼭 팔요한 기능으로 구성된 앱 – ★★★★★

처음부터 지금까지 잘 쓰고 있어요. 아쉬운 점은 정지된 사용자, Protected 사용자 등을 확인했으면 좋겠어요.


Muito bom! – ★★★★★

Excelente, funciona muito bem

Gabriel Guerra팔로웍스

いいです – ★★★★★



このアプリは最高です。 – ★★★★★

できたら50人単位でもオートになるといいなー。特にフォローしたのにフォローしてくれない人のアンフォロ ーはなんとかなってくれないかな〜


凄く便利です 。 – ★★★★★



This is a fantastic app, best Twitter app ever! #1 Twitter App – ★★★★★

I love this app because it lets me see all the people who have unfollowed me, so I can unfollow them. This helps me get more followers. Also I love that there is a star method of seeing who you want to follow, 5 stars means you have a 98% chance to get followed back, but one star means like 15% or so chance.I have bought six Twitter apps, but this is the only one that I use everyday and that comes with easy Unfollow & Follow, a nice feature to help build up your Twitter account. Best Ever App of all time!
I have to say that I had a glitch and contacted Minoworks. They emailed me back three times and fixed the problem on my Twitter account. They have awesome support for this app.