I have realized that the pattern locks are in trend these days and people of all age groups find them very entertaining. Users try to create various unique pattern styles to lock their cell phones from friends and siblings, sometimes ends up in locking their phones by forgetting the pattern.

Fortunately, we have come up with our brand new and attractive iOS app that imitates the unlock pattern of the actual phones. It is indeed very interesting to get the links joint together in a certain predefined pattern. As you go through the stages as it becomes more and more challenging, as well as attractive and entertaining. Once you start playing, the game becomes in a certain way very addictive and the only thing you want to do is to go through all the possible stages available.

Line Mania will become your mind sharper, exercising your brain and helping you to think faster through the different situations of your life, as well as helping your children to develop more concentration skills.

Now let’s explore further the procedure to play!!

How To Play

As I explained above, the objective of the game is to match the given path in a certain amount of time. The time in which you have to clear the stages is 30 seconds. To play this game you are required to have HEARTS and HINTS. At the beginning you can start playing with only 10 HEARTS and 5 HINTS which are provided for free, but don’t worry because if you need more you can go to the in-app store and buy as many HEARTS and HINTS as you want, in order to clear all the stages!

The HEARTS are your lives in this game. The more HEARTS you have, the better it is because that increases your possibilities to win. You can have up to 50 HEARTS to play with. Also you can get HEARTS for free once you get to 1000 points. 1 HEART bonus will be awarded per 1000 points milestone.

On the other hand you have the HINTS as well. These are going to help you to clear the stages in an easier way, since they will show you the path you have to follow for 3 seconds in order to win. You can get as much as 25 HINTS per game and if you reach the score of 2000 points, you will be awarded with 1 bonus HINT.

Remember that your play time is 30 seconds, so you will have to solve the stages as soon as possible to get the right scores in order to be awarded with the free HEARTS and HINTS.