A friend of mine, who was sitting next to me heard the sound of keypad dialing and recognize the number I have dialed. Although, he hasn’t seen the buttons I pressed on the keypad still he knows the exact number which was really surprising and shocking for me.

The reason behind his magic was that he can easily recognize the dialing tones. This is an idea behind our latest app which empowers you to recognize the numbers of the dial-pad just by listening to their respective key tones.

The users can listen to the tunes (dial tone) or sounds assigned to each number and guess them by playing this game under different difficulty levels. This app will definitely improve your listening skills and sharpen your minds. The app is designed in such a way that user’s across different age groups must have interest in playing.

So what are you waiting for!

How To Play


This is a practice mode. The users can listen to the sound linked for each number from 0 to 9 and test their guesses of understanding the correct number. They can practice as many times as they want. After getting started, the screen that appears will ask to select the two or more random sample numbers to the users to start with. The level of difficulty will be based on the numbers selected to test. There are 10 levels to select from.

* PLAY *

Once the user understands and learns the tune associated with each number, they can start playing the game.
– The puzzle will play randomly the tunes for each number and then users have to guess those numbers.
– The Red button represents the number of chances to use Auto-Correct Item that user has purchased from the store. By pressing this button user can give the correct answer to the tones which he is not able to recognize correctly.
– The R button will help users to repeat the tunes played for each number so that they can guess the correct numbers.
– The X button is to exit the game, any time, if users want to quit the game.
– The top of screen states the high score along with time lapsed to play each game, level of difficulty and the current score of the user.
– Once the game is over, the 3 options will appear for the users to select from A, S & X, where A represents play again, S represents sharing your scores on social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and email, X as mentioned above.