Outline Camera

Outline Camera, expresses a captured object only using lines.

Outline Camera has a specialty function to reproduce all taken objects only using lines which looks like the monochrome anime characters watched during childhood. The objects are expressed by the white lines in the black background or the black line in white background, and its resolution on the camera’s display is adjustable in real time by choosing the number of lines to reproduce the objects. It is of course equipped with basic camera function to take pictures as well as taking video clips, so it is really easy to create your own monochrome anime.


  • Real-time Edge-Aware Image Processing
  • Recording videos and taking pictures
  • Video and Photo mode
  • Front & Back facing camera
  • Album Viewer
  • Grid
  • Flash
  • Black and White Skin
  • Sound Effects
  • Speech
  • Zoom
  • Adjust the level of detail of the drawing line