What’s IMAGINE – Angel Picasso?

What do you see this?
Return to childhood, and imagine!
Enjoy a beautiful graphic world of the collaboration of Kohei MIURA with children in the world.

Kohei MIURA is a well-known leading graphic designer and has worked on various corporate logos and graphic designs not only in Japan but also in France. Kohei MIURA is avidly promoting collaboration of childrens drawings and professional graphic designers works.


● Language: English
● Category: Books
● Image resolution : 1001×1500
● Pages : 61
● Size : 14MB
● Device : Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
● OS : iOS 3.0 or later

Features Summary

● Easy Gallery navigation
● Touch Scroll Photos
● Full Screen View
● Curl page effect
● See All mode: All photos are displayed on one screen.
● Prev/Next mode: Please click to go back and forth to find photo.
● Slideshow mode: Photos are shown automatically in order.
● Random slideshow mode
● Share Options : Sending to Mail/TwitPic/Twitter
● Saving images to Photo Library


IMAGINE - Angel Picasso, main screen

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Update History

2011.06.23 Version 1.0

Customer Reviews

● 本当にきれいな絵本の世界に入れます! – ★★★★★

by sandman-nao – Version 1.0 – Jun 29, 2011

素晴らしく綺麗なアプリです。最初に出てくるシルエットが、いったい何なのかを想像していると、魔法の様に 綺麗な色の世界が広がっていきます。子供はもちろん、むしろ大人が見て楽しい絵本アプリです!友達への贈り 物としてもいいかもですね!