If you want to learn something is this the best way to learn it.
Tutorials is an application that helps you find out tutorials about your interest or hobby that you would like to learn,
like Makeup, Cooking, Learning a foreign language, Computer skills, etc.
Currently, it provides more than 2,000 tutorial videos divided in 9 categories, like shown below.

● Art & Craft
● Beauty & Fashion & Health & Fitness
● Food & Cooking
● Computer Graphics & Drawing
● Gaming
● Foreign Languages
● Computer Programming Languages
● Music & Video
● Sports


● Real-time Tutorial Video Updates from Youtube.
● More than 2,000 new tutorials.
● Playback Mode (Single Play, Repeat One, Normal Playback Order, Shuffle On)
● Playlists : You can make your own playlist.
● Easy-To-Use User Interface.
● Share on Twitter, Facebook and Email.